I finished painting the forks, and had them hanging out in the garage. The morning, I brought them into the house, and hung them inside where it was a little warmer. When I got home from work that evening, it had been close to 24 hours. I pulled down the forks. To my surprised, I found the paint was still tacky in a couple spots, and I managed to put a fingerprint in the paint, mucking up what looked like a nice paint job. :( I hung the forks back up downstairs near the wood stove where it was warmer.
Eventually the paint dried. I may strip the paint, or sand them down, and repaint in the spring when it is warmer.
Eventually the paint dried. A day later, I pull the forks down, and tried to install the crown that I had removed from the Trek 700 forks. I had a piece of 2×4 with a 1 inch hole. I slid that over the steerer, and banged on the 2×4 with a hammer. But the crown wouldn’t go on. I then tried to use the 2×4 and another board, and a couple of c-clamps and press the crown on. No luck, but I did manage to mess up the paint a little more! :(
Finally I took the forks and the crown to the local bike shop. One of the guys who works there, Tim, tried to install the crown using the proper tool, and couldn’t get it on either. He tried installing a new crown, and cracked it. He measured the forks, and said the crown he had tried to install was the proper size, and gave a shot to another new crown which he finally got on. And it only cost me $3.
Well now that I had the crown installed I took the forks home. I pulled the bearings off and cleaned them in paint thinner. I re greased the bearing races, and reinstalled the bearings. I installed the forks. I also put in place the front brake cable stop which is attached to the steerer. I installed the stem I bought on eBay, and it was a perfect fit.
I also mounted the handlebars that I pulled from the Schwinn. I am thinking about getting a different set of handlebars. The handlebars that came from the Schwinn are shaped funny. I was watching a couple pairs of ergo styled handlebars on eBay last night. But I forgot them, when I went to bed, and the auctions closed both with a single bid. I missed a potentially good deal. Now I am watching a couple more auctions that close tonight, but they will probably cost me a little more.
Trek 700 X-Cross bike