When I bought the Trek 700, I hadn’t realized the front forks were bent back as if the previous owner had collided with something at sometime. The local bike shop said new forks would cost $30 for high tensile steel, or $40 for chrome moly. But I ended up buy a suitable pair of forks off of ebay. They came off of a Bianchi. They were close enough in size to work. They were also designed for 700c wheels, and cantilever brakes. The color of the forks is bright red, opposed the the color of the Trek which is a dark green.
First, the steerer was about 0.25 inches longer than the one from the Trek 700. So I cut it off with a hack saw, and then smoothed the cut down with a metal file. Then I washed the forks in hot water and dishwashing soap. Once it was clean, and dry, I covered the steerer threads and the posts where the brakes attach, and where the crown sits with masking tape. I hung the forks from the ceiling with an old coat hanger. I then cleaned the forks again with paint thinner/mineral spirits. I dried them off with clean rags. Then I spray painted the forks. I used some Rust-Oleum Hunter Green paint which is the closest color I could find. It is a little lighter colored than the bike, but close. I started by painting the the hardest to reach areas. Once I got these painted, then I moved on to the rest of the easier the paint areas. I used light strokes for 10″ away. When I thought I had the forks covered, I used a work light to take a closer look. I noticed a few areas where the red paint was still slight visible. So I went over those areas again. They should be ready to mount tomorrow night.