These tires came stock on my Jamis Comet triathlon bike. I had never heard of Hutchinson tires. One of my first long rides on the bike, I had a flat tire. I replaced the tube, and continued on my way. The next day, the tire was flat again. I removed the tube, and found a puncture in about the same spot as on the first tube. I didn’t feel anything inside the tire, but I found a small metal sliver embedded in the palm of my hand. Maybe this came out of the tire?
The tires seemed to hold up for my next ride or two, them another flat. I considered replacing the Hutchinson Quartz tires with Specialized Armadillo tires which are supposed to be pretty much bomb-proof. But then I read the Armadillos are slow tires. I started researching tires, and had Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase tires recommended as being fast yet fairly puncture resistant. I planned to buy the Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase tires at some point.
I have since had more flats on the Hutchinson Quartz tires. This last flat came after a short 10 mile ride. A little while after I got home, I found the rear tire soft. I examined the tread of the tire and found a small pebble embedded in the tread. This couldn’t be the cause of my flat tire, could it? When I pulled the tube, and examined the location of the puncture related the tire, it was the same location. My flat had been caused by a frigging pebble!
Basically, these Hutchinson Quartz tires are flat magnets. If you like getting flats, buy them! Personally, I hate getting flats, and would never buy Hutchinson Quartz tires for my bike. Heck I doubt I will buy any Hutchinson tires. I have never had so many flat tires in my life! As far as I am concerned, these tires suck! I just ordered a pair of the Bontrager Race Lite Hardcases, and will be swapping out my tires when I get them.