I was searching CraigsList, looking at the used bike listings. I came upon a link to You Tube. The video was titled Bike Thief.
The video shows a guy stealing a bike (his own bike) 4 different times. He does it in different parts of New York City, all during morning rush hour with people all around.
In the first part, he blatantly walks up to the bike carrying a pair of bolt cutters. He cuts the chain on the bike, and rides off carrying the bolt cutters, and dragging the broken chain.
In the next part he cuts the chain with a hack saw. It takes him 6 minutes and nobody bothers him.
In the next part he dons goggles, ear protectors, and leather glovers. He pulls out an electric angle grinder, plugs it into a light post thing, and cuts the chain. Nobody bothers him.
In the last part he goes to break the lock with a hammer and chisel. A police van actually slowly pulls by him, the hassle the camera man across the street. A messenger on a scooter pulls up to the bike theif to see what he is doing. He actually offers some advise of using vise grips to help break the lock. It works, and again the bike thied is off.
Here is a link to the video at You Tube: