I took my bike out for a ride. Amazingly this was the first time I have had a chance to take my Trek 1000 out for a ride (other than up and down the road in front of our house) since I bought it on eBay in early winter. I considered taking it for a nice 11-12 mile ride, but didn’t a bottle cage for it. And it was pretty warm out, warm enough that I didn’t want to go for a long ride without water. So I decided to take a shorter 3 mile ride down to the end of a nearby road and back. It is hilly with a couple spots being a steep climb. I threw a cold Diet Pepsi in the fanny pack and took off. I climbed up to the highest point, then began a rapid descent hitting I am guessing between 40-50 miles per hour. I wish I had installed the bike computer so I would know how fast I got going. I passed a couple other cyclists chugging up the hill. Not sure what the thought of the site of me, since I was wearing denim shorts, and t-shirt, and a yellow Campagnolo cycling cap. LOL! Probably not your typical cyclist. Anyway, I flew down to bottom of the hill. I stopped, drank my cold Diet Pepsi, and began the climb back up the hill. Even in the lowest gear, it still was a lot of work. Once I got to the top of the steepest section and the uphill part wasn’t quite so steep, it was actually enjoyable. I made my way home, feeling like I had gotten my butt kicked. I went back later with my GPS to measure the elevation of the high and low points of the hills. I figured out there was about 415 feet of climbing during my short 3 mile ride. Yeah, I live in a hilly area. What is scary is there will be about 7500 feet on climbing during my century ride in august. My piddly 415 was only little over 5% of that! Ouch. I gotta get out and ride more hills between now and then!!!!