I saw in the docs that I downloaded from the Minoura site, that they have guards that mount next to the front roller to keep the front wheel from flying off the side. According to stuff I read, they are optional and come with the foot step, and are not sold separately. I wasn’t sure what that meant. Not sold separately from the foot step, or from a magroller?
I started searching and wasn’t finding anyone who sold the foot step/front wheel guards. Even the Minoura web site didn’t seem to show this as a separate item that they sold. Finally I managed to come up with the right combination of words, and found a site that sold them. More importantly I came up with a part # WT1020. So when I started searching for Minoura and WT102, I came up with a bunch of sites selling the foot step/front wheel guards. I found the site that was selling them the cheapest (about $19) and ordered a kit. I think they will make the rollers a little safer to use. But we will see.