I got a postcard for a free training DVD at the local bike shop. The post card says:
“Getting Started-a cycling workout for everyone. Train with legendary cycling coach Chris Carmichael. Sign up to receive your copy of our Getting Started DVD. You’ll find an easy-to-follow plan for ramping up your fitness-a 40 minute, indoor cycling workout developed by Chris Carmichael and the coaches at Carmichael Training Systes.”

That sounded great! The card said go to trainright.com/promos and enter code DRMFBH3AP. So I did that back on December 25th (yeah, Christmas day). The screen came up and said please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. So I waited. I started getting canned emails with training advice from Carmichael Training Systems. But 8 weeks came and went. No DVD. After a while I started getting a little ticked off. I understood that the free DVD offer was to get my email address so they could email me offers, and try to upsell me. No problem. But when they were emailing all the offers without actually giving me the free DVD, it upset me a little. I sent them an email and told them that if they weren’t going to send me the free DVD, then pull me off the mailing list. Well lo and behold, the DVD showed up in yesterday’s mail. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. The indoor cycling stuff would have been great during the winter. But now it is spring, and I will probably be riding outside. But who knows. I will watch the video when I get a chance.