Today as we were heading off to drop off our dog at the kennel, I saw a bike that had been put out to the curb. I stopped to look at it. It turned out to be a Nashbar mountain bike. Since I had my wife in the car, and the dog in the back seat, and the trunk was full, I couldn’t just grab the whole thing. I looked over the parts, and quickly grabbed the seat and seat post. My wife’s bike needs a new seatpost. She needs a 27.2 mm post.
On the way home, I pass the bike again. But I considered, and there were no parts that I really NEEDED off the bike other that the seat post. I already have too many bikes. But if it have been a better quality road bike, I might have considered taking the whole thing.
When we got home, I tried the post on her bike, but it was too small. The seat was also a cheap seat in poor condition. So a little later as I passed the bike again, I through the seat/seatpost back onto the bike in case someone else wanted it. If I had had tools, I might have snagged a few components such as the Shimano cantilever brakes.