Not sure if it a seasonal thing, but the last few days I have started seeing bikes places out on the curb. Maybe now that winter is coming, the people are done riding them, and they plan on getting new ones next year? Sure, these are the cream of the crop bikes. Two days ago I saw a BMX style bike out on the curb on my way to work. Or it was a small mountain bike, not sure. It had 21 gears, but it looked more like a BMX bike. I looked it over. One of twist grip shifters was busted all up. I couldn’t find a brand on the bike. And the components were junk, so I passed on it.
Today on my way to work I saw an older road bike place out by the trash. I was hoping it might be an old Trek or Fuji or something. But it was a Columbia. The read wheel bent…actually folded might be a better word. The frame was cheap junk with crimped chain stays, etc. Department store junk. I passed on it. A minute or two later I passed another bike. A mountain bike. It was a little better quality. It looked like a mish mash of stuff like stuff had been replace randomly. The front wheel had a quick release, while the back wheel didn’t. The frame had a variety of stickers on it suchs as Shimano, and Specialized. The frame appears to have been painted, and then the stickers applied. I needed to get to work, so with way too much effort, I managed to cram the bike into the back of my car. I will take a closer look at it later. If I decide I don’t want it, I can always place it out on the curb for someone else to take.