It was in the 50’s last night, so I called my wife from work, and asked if she wanted to go for a bike ride. She said that sounded like fun. So when I got home about 5:30pm, I quickly changed clothes, loaded the bike rack on my car, and then loaded the bikes.
We drove down to the canal, and were surprised to see the canal path closed in the direction we were planning on riding. Oh well. We rode off in the other direction.
This was only her second bike ride in close to 30 years. So she was bit slow at first. She was wearing my bike helmet, and I wore a baseball type cap. At first, she take one stroke of the peddles, then coast, take one stroke then coast. Slowly she began to peddle. I had shifted her bike into a lower gear. After a while I told her how to shift the bike, and she shifted up a gear and started going just a little faster. We rode a little over mile, and turned around. We passed a few other cyclists, roller bladers, and dog walkers.
A one point her pant leg started to get caught in the chain. She back peddled and got it out. Then she tucked she pant leg into her sock. Maybe I will buy her one of those straps that go around the pant leg. Her shoe lace also started to get wrapped around the peddle, but she survived that too.
We rode back to the car. The distance on the my bike computer was 2.33 miles, but I backtracked a couple times when I rode ahead a little ways, then came back too her. But I think she did a little over two miles. It was fun.
She wanted to go riding tonight, but I have karate classes tonight. So we will probably go riding on Sunday.