I planned to do a 20 mile ride this morning. The plan was to make a 10 mile ride to a McDonalds down in Farmington, NY, have breakfast, and then ride another 10 mile route home.
I got up, got all my stuff together, and headed out the door. This was only the second ride on my new bike so I didn’t want to go too far. The roads I was riding riding on were rolling hills, going into gently rolling hills. Nice back roads.
Unfortunatly I only got about 4.5 miles out when I got a speck of dirt in my left eye. I was wearing my new wrap-around sunglasses which were doing of a good job of keeping the wind out of my eyes. But somehow I still managed to get some dirt in my eye. I stopped and tried to get it out. Small specks of dirt can be painfull when you have contacts. I thought I got it, and started to go again. But then I realized it was still there. I stopped again, and tried again to get it out. No luck. It was very uncomfortable. I decided to turn around and head home. I got most of the way home, when I noticed the dirt wasn’t bugging me anymore. Apparently it had worked its way out. I continued my ride home.
I was thinking that I might need to carry some saline solution for my contacts in case this happens again. But then I was thinking I could have just used water. But I didn’t have any water bottles mounted on my bike yet. I thought about mounting one this morning, but decided I was only doing 10 miles out, and 10 miles back with a meal in the middle. I wouldn’t need any water for that. And one of my new aero bottles is scheduled for delivery today. So I would have had to put it on, and take it off again later today. Oh well. I am hoping to spin tonight. And maybe I will go out for a ride tomorrow.