I got some maps and descriptions of the 100 mile century course that I signed up to ride next month. My wife and I went drove the course today. I have never ridden a century. I haven’t even ridden half the distance. The longest rides I have done in recent times have been about ten miles. I haven’t had any problems with those though. Most of my time has been spent running. A week from today, I am running a 32.6 mile ultramarathon in the Adirondacks. I figured if I can run 32.6 miles, I can ride 100. I am pretty sure the distance wont be a huge issue. It will be tough. But the 7500 feet of climbing is going to be tough! Some of those hills looked steep and long. And so many of them! But there are also long down hills. Annoyingly many of the downhills end at stop signs where I will lose all that momentum! *grumble*
The last 30 miles are relatively flat. I may need those flat miles! There is a cut off at the 52 mile mark. I have to be there within 5 hours from the start. So I will need to average at least 10mph. I hope that won’t be a problem. But looking at some of those biggest hills, I am thinking I might have to get off my bike and walk the thing up. But then I get a fast downhill!
It is going to be tough!!!