Well I finished building my cyclocross bike. I started with a 2000 model Trek 700 hybrid bike that I bought for $50. It had a bent rear wheel and bent forks (I didn’t realize the forks were bent when I bought it). I bought another hybrid bike, a Specialized Crossroads. That bike was junk, but at least the wheels were good. I also manage to use the cantilever brakes from the Specialized.
I completely overhauled the bike. I changed out the bottom bracket for a sealed unit. I changed the crankset for a Shimano crankset with Biopace rings. I will play with the Biopace rings, and see if I like them. If not, I will go with normal round rings. I replaced the rusty chain. I bought a new, better quality freewheel. The tires are 700×32 knobbies. They were on the Trek 1000 bike I bought. They were too fat for that bike, but were perfect for my cyclocross bike.
I replaced the mountbike style handlebars with dropbars. I debated about shifters. I was torn between barcons (bar end shifters), and downtube shifters. I ended up going with the barcons. I can also change that later.
I just installed the shifters today. I took the bike up and down the road, and it seemed to work great. I went ahead and wrapped the handlebars with black cork tape. I removed the Cateye bike computer from my mountain bike, and installed it on the cyclocross bike. I also bought a bottle cage for it, and installed it.
Tomorrow my wife and I are planning on going for a bike ride. I will take my new Trek 700 cyclocross bike for a test ride along the canal path.

Here is a BEFORE picture:
Trek 700 hybrid bike

Here are the AFTER pictures:
Trek 700 cyclocross bike
Cyclocross bike