I don’t know anything about shoes and the pedals you clip into. Don’t they call them clipless pedals? What the??? On my road bike I have the little cages and straps on my pedals. Seems like these should be called clipless pedals…but whatever. I think they have road shoes, and mountain bike shoes. There are different types of pedals. Where do I begin? DO I buy the pedals, then the shoes, or the shoes then the pedals. Does it matter? Do I need certain types of shoes for certain types of pedals? Should I get road shoes of MB shoes? What kind of pedals? I have some of these pedals that came with my recumbent bike (not attached). They didn’t come with the part that clips into them. Does this come with the shoes? Or would need to buy this separatly?

Do I even need shoes/clipless pedals?

Most of my riding is done on a wind trainer. I have done a 50 mile road ride. I have done 2 off-road duathlons. I am doing a mountain bike race. Should I get both kinds? What brands?

I don’t want to spend a lot.