I bought a Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer to replace my Cycleops Wind trainer. The Wind Trainer was free (someone had put it out to the curb), but worked well, other than being loud. But since I am going to be doing a lot more spinning, I decided to invest in a better (and quieter) trainer.
I read alot of reviews, and the Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer sounded like what I wanted, so I ordered it. At close to $250, it wasn’t cheap. So hopefully it would be worth it.
It came quickly, and I was excited to put it together. The directions were reasonable. Not sure if I used them much as it was pretty straight forward to put together. I replaced the skewer on my Trek 1000 with the one that came with the trainer. It is designed to fit into the trainer clamps better. I can still ride the bike with it if I want to though.
I like how fast I can set up the bike on it, and how quickly I can remove it. The clamp system is much nicer than on my older Cycleops Wind Trainer. All I have to do position the bike, flip one lever to clamp the bike in place. Then flip another lever to clamp the roller part to the tire. No adjusting like on the older trainer.
After getting the trainer all set up, I was ready to try it. I wasn’t scheduled to spin that night, but I wanted to play with my new toy. I ended up spinning for 45 minutes I think. I was amazed at how quiet it was. With my Wind Trainer, I needed to crank up the TV volume to be able to hear it. With the Fluid 2 trainer, I can leave to volume pretty much where it normally is. The fan I use to keep me cool is often as loud as the trainer.
Another difference is in the resistance. It seems like the Fluid Trainer has more resistance. So far I think most of my spinning has been with the small ring. I haven’t tried it with the Spinervals DVDs yet. I can only imagine the resistance when I try to do big ring/12. I might have the roller clamped to the tire tighter than it was on the wind trainer. I think I followed the directions properlly when I set that up. I may revisit that, and verify that it is set up properly.
So far it is a real workout to get the bike up to about 16-17mph on the fluid trainer. With the wind trainer, I routinely got the bike up into the low 20s, and could keep it there for a while. And on the road, I can average faster speeds. I averaged over 18 mph for the century ride I did a couple weeks ago. So I am guessing the resistance is a little stiffer than real life, but then I may have the roller clamped to the tire too tightly.
Overall, I really like this thing! I am sure I will get alot of use out of it! I used it last night for about 45 minutes, and may use it tonight for an hour or so.