Since I am looking for a couple bicycles (a road bike, and maybe a hybrid that can be converted to a cyclo-cross bike), I often check Craigslist to see if anything new pops up that I might be interested in. This morning, an ad showed up on Craigslist with a title of “Really nice bikes”. Okay. In the ad it said “All models, colors, sizes”. And it was in the same area where I was currently at work. There was a phone number. I called the guy. He sounded half asleep. The ad had been placed less than half an hour before. I asked about the bikes. He asked if I was interested in the mans bike, or the woman’s bike. I said I was looking for a man’s bike. I asked what kind of bikes they were…were they mountain bikes, or road bikes. He said they were bikes…two wheels, and a frame…bikes, and asked if I wanted to come look at them. He obviously didn’t know much about bicycles! I got address, and managed to convince him I didn’t need directions. I told him I would come over at lunch. I got $100 at a cash machine, not knowing if he had anything worthwhile. The ad didn’t mention how much the bikes were.
I found his house, and knocked on the door. He let me in to look at the bikes. There were only two bikes (oh, and an exercise bike). A Huffy, and a Free Spirit. Not even in great condition, as if it would have mattered. *sigh* I told him they weren’t what I was looking for, that I was looking for a little higher end bikes. He asked how much the ad said they were selling for. I told him it didn’t say. He ask how much they might be worth. I told him that bikes like that can be bought at Wal-Mart new for under $100. So he thought the Huffy might sell for $50. I didn’t want to shatter his illusions, so I thanked him and left. Who knows…maybe I could have shown up, and he might have had a Trek, or Specialized, or Cannondale, etc bike that I might have wanted. You never know. I will keep looking!