I have a Diamondabck mountain bike that I bought new just recently. But I would also like to have a bike designed more for the road. I used to have an old Trek road bike, and really liked it. I was excited to see a Trek 700 listed on Craig’s List for $50. It said it was in fair shape, and needed the brakes adjusted, and oiled. I figured it would sell fast. That unless the bike was trashed, it would be a good deal. I researched the Trek 700, and found the bike changed over the years it was made. It started as a road bike, and later shifted more to a hybrid. Either style would be okay. I emailed the seller, and asked about coming to see it. That was Thursday, and he said I could come see it Friday at 6pm. Great! Well I went over to see the bike. I found it parked in the driveway. It turned out to be the later hybrid style. Cool! It looked it pretty good condition. The chain looked a little rusty, but I could soak it in oil, or even replace it, no problem. Brakes are easy to adjust. I started walking to the door, and decided to take a closer door. I spun the front wheel and it was fine. But then I spun the back wheel and it wobbled. I spun it and found it was kind of bent up. Ouch! If it was just a little out of true, I might have been able to straighten it by adjusting the spokes. But in this case, it was really bent! I might have been able to remove the wheel, and bang it with a rubber hammer or something. My guess is the rear wheel would need to be replaced. I ended up passing on the bike. If the rear wheel hadn’t been in such bad condition, I would have bought the bike. I have worked on bicycles before. Heck the old Trek I had, I had replaced much of the hardware with hardware I got off another bike. I have more than once stripped bikes down to the frames, cleaning/lubing the parts including ball bearings.
Oh well! I will keep looking. I am still not sure exactly what I really want. I hybrid would be cool for the off-road duathlon next year. But a straight road bike would be great too. Or maybe a triathlon bike! Too bad I wasn’t rich and I could buy one of each. I still want to buy a bike for my wife as well.