I would love to do a century bike ride (100 miles). I have never ridden anywhere close to that. I think the longest I have ridden was about 40 miles, and I toasted my knees. That was almost 20 years ago. But I am in much better shape these days. I have been doing some 10 mile rides, and they are pretty easy. And those are on my mountain bike. I think riding my road bike would take even less effort. I am in good shape, and have been doing lots of running. I am running a marathon in a little over a week from now.
I was in the local bike shop, and saw there is a bike riding event on August 25th (my birthday)! And the registration is $25 (plus I think they want you to donate money to a charity). 25 is my lucky number. It just seems to be calling me! I am scheduled to run a 32.6 mile ultramarathon in July, and run another marathon in September. This kind of fits between those. There are a handful of distances (100 miles, 100K, 50 miles, 25miles, 10miles). But it is the century bike ride that intrigues me. What concerns me is the 7500 of climbing. I haven’t done a lot of climbing. I think I will have to pull out my bike and start riding some hills. Maybe also do some longer distances. My wife isn’t up to riding very far yet. Her longest ride was 10.25 miles, and that was this last weekend. So I will have to go off on my own. I guess. And I will have to fit it in with my running. I may sign up for that 100 miler! :)