My Cateye Micro bike computer came in the mail yesterday. I unpacked it, and there weren’t that many parts. The instructions were on one big sheet of paper (about 2 feet by 1.5 feet), and included a dozen different languages including English. Most of the important installation instructions were done in pictures with arrows. The first set of pictures show the actual install. First, they show how to mount the bracket on either handlebar, or the stem. Next they show how to mount the magnet on a spoke, and the speed sensor on the fork. The bracket and the sensor are attached using zip-ties. Installation is pretty easy once you figure out the instructions which are a little confusing.
On the other side of the sheet are a set of diagrams showing how the set up the bike computer for use. First you need to press the All Clear button. Next, you need to choose whether you want the speed to be in km/h or mph. Then you need to set the wheel circumference in mm. Fortunately, they have a chart that gives you the number based on the tire size. For example, my mountain bike has a tire size of 26 x 1.95 which gives me the number 2050. Then I entered the number using the mode button to increment the current digit, and the start/stop button the move to a different digit. After I entered the number 2050, I hit the menu button to end. Another part of the instruction diagrams show how to set the time, and flow through the different bike computer modes.
Now I am looking forward to taking me bike out for a ride. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance. I already have plans for tonight. But maybe tomorrow after Aikido class, and after I do my 7 mile run, I can mount my new bike rack on my car, then take my bike for a ride along the canal path.