I recently ordered a threadless stem adaptor for my old 1990 Trek 1000. Then I decided that since I would have to strip the handlebars down to get the old quill stem off, unless I want to destroy the old stem, I might as well replace the handle bars with new style ergo type handlebars. I found some Bontrager Race handlebars on ebay.
I was interested in how best to install the older style brake levers on the newer style handlebars. I normally see brifters (brake levers/shifters) on these. I was searching, and stumbled over some new style brake levers that are larger and resemble the brifters. The one post I found was comparing the Cane Creek SCR-5 brake levers with the Tektro R200A brake levers. The posts were saying the innards of the Cane Creek brake levers and the Tektro were the same, but that the Tektro levers were less expensive. I have seen Cane Creek stuff on nicer bikes, while the Tektro stuff seems to be cheaper. So I was surprised that the brake levers were the same. But I looked at pictures and they looked pretty the same. The hood was slightly different.
I searched and found the Tektro R200A brake levers at JensonUSA. I ordered a pair. But I continued to search for information. But I found a reference to the Tektro R200A brake levers being the version for small hands. And that the Tektro R200 was the standard size. I knew Cane Creek had a compact version of the SCR-5 brake levers called SCR-5C brake levers which are made for small hands. I called Jenson USA to ask them. The guy didn’t seem to know much. But I did learn that the Tektro R200A were back ordered. And they didn’t sell the Tektro R200 brake levers. I canceled my order for the Tektro R200A brake levers, and ordered the Cane Creek SCR-5 brake levers. They were about $10 more, but I will get them sooner, and they should fit my hands better. And Cane Creek is a better brand anyway. It will look better on my bike.