I have been looking to buy a pair of cycling shorts. Wearing my denim shorts on long rides is just not going to work well. I know I have a pair cycling shorts in a storage box around the house somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find them. So I need to buy a pair.
I went to the local sporting goods store and found a variety of cycling ranging from $20 to $80. But I didn’t know what the difference between the different shorts was.
I went to the local bike shop and they also had a variety of shorts in a wife price range. They even had much more expensive bike shorts. The guy start telling me about 6 panels vs 8 panels, flat seams, and the padding, etc. It seems like Pearl Izumi is a good brand. But it just bugged me to pay $80 for some cycling shorts! That’s a lot of money for some sewn fabric!
I went back to the sporting goods store. I didn’t went the $20. They didn’t have the flat seems, and didn’t have the rubber stuff in the hems of the legs to keep them from sliding up. The $70 Pearl Izumi’s looked good, but I didn’t like the draw string aroudn the waist. It seems like it would constrict as I bent over. I found a pair of Canari cycling shorts that had flat seams, 8 panels, and gel padding. And they were only $40. That price was easier to stomach than the $70 or $80 prices of the similar Pearl Izumi shorts. So I bought them. I will wear them for some of my training rides.