I wanted to get a cable lock for my bike, so I can ride it to some stores, do a few errands, and ride it home. I hesitate to even ride it to the restaurant where my wife works to have lunch until I can lock the bike up outside for the short time I am inside. So after work, I stopped at the local sporting goods store to see what cable locks they had. The had a small selection. Most were either Master Lock brand or Kryptonite. The cables came in sizes from wimpy, to extremely heavy. They also had some U-Lock type locks as well. I bought a combination cable lock made by Master Lock. It was 5 feet long, and 5/16 inch in diameter. It also came with a bracket to mount it to the seat post. I brought it home, and tried to mount the bracket to the seat post. But the seat post was a smaller diameter than the bracket was designed for. The instructions suggested using a rubber shim. So I ran around the house looking for a piece of rubber I could use. A piece of old innertube would have been perfect but I didn’t have one. I tried some weather stripping, but it compressed to much. Finally I found a foam outlet plate backing thing. I cut a couple pieces off of this, and it would work. But not with the bracket attached to the seat post, I had difficulty attaching the cable lock for storage. If the bracket was too low on the post, the lock wouldn’t slide into the place. If I moved it up a little but, I couldn’t slide the lock on as the reflector was in the way. I don’t want to remove the reflector. I moved the reflector up as high as it would go, but this didn’t solve the issue. I looked for other places to mount the bracket, but didn’t find a place that would be very good. So I an going to return the unit to the store, and maybe try another model. Maybe a Kryptonite.