I am reconsidering the Trek 700 with the bent rear wheel. If it is still available, I may try to pick it up for $50. I emailed the guy, but haven’t gotten a reply back yet. It could be fun to play with. For only $50, I can really play with it. I can pull the back wheel of, and try to straighten it. If I can’t straighten it, I could always replace it. Maybe look at replacing the front handlebars with road bike type handle bars with drops. I could take it out to the course where the duathlon was held, and see what kind of time I can ride versus my mountain bike. I think it could be significantly faster on the crushed gravel path, and on the hard packed dirt trail. Not sure how it would handle in the soft sticky mud with the narrower tires.
It would kind of suck to have passed up the bike, then decide I want it, and not get it. Oh well. I might still get it. It’s a project bike and many people might not be into that.