I am a fan of the show Breaking Bad. I can’t wait for season 2 to start! Anyway, I was checking out the website and watching the behind the scenes videos. They used to have complete episodes, but I don’t see them now. Maybe I am missing them. Anyway, there is a video where Bryan Cranston is showing off his house. He also shows off this really beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycle. But right behind the Harley is a bicycle. I was wondering what kind of bike a TV star would have. Would it be a high end Trek, or Cannondale or Specialized? I had had to pause the video, and look really closely. The bike for some reason looked kind of cheap. Not sure why, since it is hard to see much detail. But I paused the video, and managed to make out the name Roadmaster on the downtube. A Roadmaster? He was a co-star on Malcolm In The Middle, and stars on Breaking Bad. Sure it is only AMC, but hey, he is the star. And he owns a frigging Harley. Yet for some reason he owns a $60 Roadmaster bike, probably from Walmart. C’mon Bryan! Buy a good bike! For not a lot more money, you could buy a much better quality bike that will last longer, and be alot more fun to ride. You don’t need a $3000 Carbon Fiber, dual suspension, bike with disc brakes. But you could buy a similar style bike to the Roadmaster that you have, but will be much more solid, and actually feel better to ride. Trust me, go to your local bike shop and get fitted for a better bike. You WILL notice the difference. Here is the video: