My Brooks B17 saddle came today. I was excited to try it out. It came in something like a shoebox. Nice! The Proofride and seat tensioning wrench I ordered were in the box with the seat. I wiped the Proofride on both the top side and bottom side of the seat. I let it dry on the seat, then wiped it off. I removed the seat from my Trek 1000, and installed the Brooks seat. I removed the bike from my wind trained and found the tires were a little low. I pumped them up, and took the bike out for a ride. The seat out the box was more comfortable then the seat I had on the bike. It still is not as comfortable as the Velo gel seat I have on my Cyclocross bike. After my quick 3 mile ride, I put the bike back on the wind trainer. I have ridden the bike a couple more times on the trainer. I also applied some more Proofride. I am looking forward to seeing how the saddle feels after I get it broken in. I hope it breaks in quickly. I am signed up for a century bike ride in August, and hope it will be broken in by then. If not, I will pull the Velo gel seat off my other bike, and use it. I want to be comfortable for my 100 mile ride!
Also, I am wondering. I have ridden it so far just wearing denim shorts. I may buy some lycra bike shorts which have padding. Will it make a difference to breaking in the seat between the non-padded shorts and the padded shorts?