I started work on the Women’s Trek 700 that bought for my wife. I pulled off the rear wheel, and started to pull the hub apart. The cones were very tight! But I managed to get the cone and spacers and stuff off the non-freewheel side. The axle didn’t slide off. I think the freewheel was holding the dust cover on. I decided I needed to remove the freewheel which I had planned to do anyway.
I got out my handy dandy Shimano freewheel remover tool. It slid on easily. I lock my 12 inch inch crecent wrench on it the freewheel tool, and tried to turn it. It was not moving. Fine! I pulled harder, and harder, then finally it broke free. Ummm… well, not quite. I looked closer and found that the freewheel hadn’t broke loose. The freewheel remover tool broke!! I have had that tool for years. I don’t know what brand it was. It might have been some cheap generic tool.
I headed down to the local bike shop to buy a replacement tool. I was going to get a Park. But the shop was closed. They will open at noon. So I headed home. I will head back out there a little later. I hope the Park brand freewheel remover is more solidly built. In the meantime, I sprayed some WD-40 in and around the freewheel hoping to get it in the threads holding the freewheel on.

Broken freewheel tool