A couple weeks ago I checked out a bike listed on Craigslist. It was Trek 700. I wasn’t sure what style it was as the Trek 700 has gone from a road bike to a multitrack hybrid. It turned out to be the hybrid style. At the time I was looking for a road bike for me, or bike for my wife. For a 21″ frame it was too big for my wife, and not a road bike. Still I considered buying it as a Trek bike for $50 seemed like a great deal. That was until I noticed the read wheel was bent, and would probably need to be replaced.
Well the guy relisted the bike with a note about the wheel. But I kept thinking that for $50 it might be fun to play with. Then I came up with the idea that the bike might be converted into a cyclo-cross bike. That it might do well on the off-road duathlon next year. I swapped emailed with the seller trying to find a day and time when he was around that I might get over there to pickup the bike. It took over half a week, but I finally manage to get the bike. The shifters on the front are kind of goofy it little dials to show what gear you are in, and I hope to replace them. One thing I noticed after I got the bike home is that the forks seem to be bent back a little bit as if someone had collided with something. I think I can straigten them. It will be a project bike. I can’t afford to build one of those cars from the Fast And Furious movies…well I actually I can…but I have better things to spend my money on. But a $50 bike is something I can play with. I am thinking of taking appart the rear wheel, straightening the rim, and then rebuilding it. It could be interesting. And if I can’t get it straigtened, it probably need to be replaced anyway.
Trek 700 Hybrid