I bought a Park truing stand! It is a TS-2, and I bought it off of eBay for $108 plus shipping. I have wanted a truing stand for a while. I have never built a wheel before, but I wanted to give it a shot. If could have bought a cheaper truing stand, but I like the stuff that Park makes. They make the stuff that bike shops use. I figure I can play with the truing stand, learning how to use it. If I never figure out how to true wheels, or build wheels, then I can always turn around and sell it for around what I bought it for.
I have a 700c wheel that came off my Trek 700. It was bent up pretty well. I have loosened up all the spokes. I am hoping to bend rim back into shape, and maybe true up the wheel again. Not sure if it is even possible. But I can always use the stand to true the unbent wheels on my various bikes as well.