With all the issues I have had with the Hutchinson Quartz tires that came stock on my Jamis Comet tri bike, I researched other tires. I had several people recommend Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase tires. I search around online, and the cheapest ones I found were $40 each. I planned to buy a pair, but there was still a lot of tread on the Hutchinson Quartz tires. My plan was to buy a pair next year sometime. I wanted to get them sometime before my Ironman race, with enough time to put some miles on them before race day. I don’t want to race on brand new tires. I don’t want to race on brand new anything.
As I said, I planned to wait until next year to buy them. Money has been a little tight lately as I am paying my wife’s way through school. But the local bike shop had a 30% off sale. That was really hard to pass up. So instead of paying $80 for a pair of tires, I would only have to pay $56! That is a nice savings. The sale was invitational. They wanted us to RSVP. SO I RSVP’d. I shoed up on Monday, and found they had my tires. But I go the day wrong, and the sale was on the upcoming Friday. When I showed up on Friday, I found they no longer had my tires in stock. The sale was 30% off of IN STOCK items. I talked to the lady there. She checked downstairs, but found no more of the Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase tires in 700c x 23. She did however let me order a pair for the same price.
The tires came in a few days later. I was finally able to pick them up yesterday. I have been debating about installing them now. Right now I am leaning to waiting till next season. I can still ride on the Hutchinson Quartz tires. There is probably not a lot of quality riding opportunities left for this year as we are heading into winter. So I will probably wait until next spring at least.