I have been watching some Cateye Micro CC-MC100W wireless bike computers on ebay. The unit had great reviews on Amazon! I set up a snipe bid on one, but it was bid up to over $28 before the snipe took place. That was higher then I was willing to pay because of an $8 shipping charge. Oh well. I went ahead, and did a buy-it-now for $27.50, with a $7 shipping. I added $2 for insurance. The bike computer is new in box. I am excited to get the bike computer. It will be a little different than my old Cateye bike computer. The old one was wired, and the wheel sensor was on the back wheel. This newer unit doesn’t have a cadence sensor, but that it not a big deal for me. But the wheel sensor mounts on the front fork, instead of the chainstay.