I pulled the handlebars off of my homemade project cyclocross bike and cleaned them up. This took a little time with a rag and naptha to remove all of the sticky tape residue. After the bar was cleaned up, I took a closer look and thought the drops were a little small. It’s a nice bar made by Specialized though. I did some research and discovered that this very likely a handlebar designed for women. So the drops are small for smaller hands.
I decided to hunt down new handlebars. I checked out eBay and was watching various auctions. I could have used my old handlebars. But I figured that since I am pulling everything off, it would be a good opportunity to change to nice new ergo type handlebars.
I was most interested in handlebars made by Bontrager since that is what the new Trek bikes generally have. Carbon would have been nice, but I didn’t want to pay that much. I already have a stem that came off my Jamis. So I was hoping the find a set of Bontrager ergo style handlebars with a 26mm diameter clamp area. I could have gotten a good deal on some handle bars with a 31.8mm clamp area, but then I would have had to buy another clamp. I found a Bontrager Select handlebar. But research showed this to come off of recreational bikes. That might have been okay. I was hoping for something more designed for a race bike.
I finally did a buy-it-now on a set of Bontrager Race handlebars. I got them for $19 plus shipping. I looked them un and they normally sell for about $40. So I guess I got a decent deal. Not as good of a deal as if I have gotten the Bontrager Race X Lite handlebars with the 31.8 clamp. But then I would have had to buy another stem. And chances are, I will have to replace that stem when I get my bike fitted.