I like to completely overhaul my bikes. I start with the hubs, then the head set, and then the bottom bracket. I clean allt eh parts in mineral spirits, then repack them with grease, and put them back together. I clean anything else that needs cleaning such as the chain, derailuers, freewheel, and crank set. Then I adjust the brakes, and shifting.
If you are are interested in doing your own bike maintenance, it’s not that hard. Most of the tools are probably stuff you already have.

Here is the stuff I use most.

Bike Specific Tools (I usually buy Park Tools):
Cone wrenches
Free wheel remover
Lock ring tool
Crank puller
Bottom bracket remover tool
Spoke wrench

Generic tools (I usually buy Craftsman):Allen wrenches (metric)
Socket set (metric)
Crescent wrenches
Needle nose pliers
Screw Drivers
Channel locks
Wire cutters

Metal can
Paint thinner (mineral spirits)
Kitchen brush
Liquid dish soap

I also built my own bike repair stand!