I was going to take my Trek 1000 out for a short ride today for the first time since I bought it on eBay. I had partially inflated the tires when I put it together, but didn’t know the proper pressure at the time. I also hadn’t planned to take it out for a while, so I wasn’t in a hurry. Today, I searched the sidewalls of the tires that are the bike, and found the proper pressure to be 85psi. I used my hand pump to bring the tires up to pressure. Everything seemed fine. I went to spin the rear wheel and heard a rubbing noise. I found the tire was rubbing against a brace that runs between the seat stays. There was almost no clearance at all. The bike came with brand new tires when I bought. The brand appears to be Vee Rubber, and they are 700c x 32 and kind of knobbies. I planned on replacing them with narrower 700c x 23 tires. But I hadn’t expected to do that till spring time. Like I said, the tires seem to be brand new. So I am guessing the guy put them on there, and never road the bike. Maybe he never fully inflated the tires, so never knew they would rub. Oh well. I will try to get to the bike shop tomorrow, and buy some new tires. I am looking at buying some Specialized Armadillo All Condition tires. I like the fact that they are puncture resistant. I used to ride on either puncture resistant tires, or use a kevlar lining years ago when I had my Trek touring bike. I will also need new inner tubes for the smaller tires. And I will pick up some tires tools while I am at it. I used to have some tire tools, but they were cheap, and I don’t know where they are at.