While working on my bikes, I occasionally have to remove and install tires. I used to have a set of cheap bike tools that had tire levers attached. I think I got them as a reward for for selling newspapers, or something. I don’t know what happened to them. They got lost in amove somewhere I think. A few months ago after reading references to Crank Brother’s Speed Lever, I bought one. I ended up being very dissappointed in it. I used the lever in combination to the handle of a table spoon fron the kitchen.
I was reading a thread on Bike Forums (in the Bicycle Mechanics forum) titled Favorite Tire Levers. People were discussing various tire levers that they like and don’t like. Metal vs plastic. Brands such as Park, Minoura, Crank Brothers, Mafac, Quikstiks, Soma, Pedros. After reading the various recommendations, I debated between the Quikstiks and the Pedros tire levers. People raved about both. The Soma tire levers got alot of raves too. I ended up ordering a pair of the Pedros tire levers off of eBay. They weren’t very expensive. I have some tire work coming up in the future, so I will report on how well they work.