I got home for work, and took my bike out for it’s second run. I rode down the hill, jumped on the Trolley Trail, followed it all the way to the end at Pannell Rd. I did stop along the way to talk to a geocacher. Then I rode the trail back the other way getting off at Ayrault Rd. Along the way, I stopped to adjust my seat a little higher. And then again. Then I figured out the seat was very slowly sinking. I released the clamp, tightened it a little bit, adjusted the seat, and then locked the clamp down. That seemed to do the trick. I stopped in at Clawsons Deli, and picked up a couple large subs. I used my new cable lock while I was inside. Very nice. Clawsons has great subs, and great pizzas too. But it would be hard to bring home a pizza on my bike. I tucked the two subs into my jacket, and rode back up the hill. Man that hill is steep. I was in low gear all the way up. The subs were flopping back and forth inside my jacket. I am feeling it a little bit in quads.
Not sure how far I rode all together. I am guessing somewhere between 5 and 10 miles. I wish I had a bike computer hooked up. I stopped in at a local bike shop and looked at bike computers. They had some different brands including Cateye and Specialized. They were a little expensive. The Cateye Micro (wireless) was close to $50. I am watching a couple Cateye bike computers on eBay. Maybe I will bid and win one.