My wife and I went on first bike ride of the year. Actually, it was the first time my wife has ridden a bike in about 30 years. I used ride a lot, then went for 12 years without a bike. Then I bought a bike (Diamondback Sorrento) last year. Actually, I bought several bikes last year. But I also bought a bike for my wife, a Specialized Hardrock. I bought it used on eBay. It’s an older bike, probably mid to late 90s. I put it up on my bike repair stand, and I completely overhauled, and tuned it. So we have been waiting to the weather to be better for a leisurely bike ride.
Well today it was sunny with temps up into the 50s. Well that was warm compared to what the temps have been. We decided to go for a bike ride. I mounted the bike rack on my car, and loaded the bikes. We drove down to the Erie Canal, and parked. The canal path is nice because it is scenic, it is paved, and it is flat! I unloaded the bikes. I let my wife wear my bike helmet, as she was more likely to need it than me. She got on the bike and was really wobbly. I shifted the bike into 2nd gear on the front, and 3rd gear on the back. It was an easy gearing for her. She take one stroke, coast, take a stroke, coast. I suggest that she keep peddling. She said she was trying to get used to steering. I told her it would make steering a little easier. She slowly improved. She thought the seat was a little high. So I lowered the seat about half an inch. We weren’t going very fast, but that was okay. I thought we could go a mile, turn around, and head back. But my wife wanted to turn around after we passed a bridge. So we turned around. The total ride distance was 1.22 miles. But it was fun. She said she could feel it in her legs.
She seemed to enjoy it, so I think we might be able to go on bike rides every once in a while.