I would liek to get a bike rack for my car. It would be nice to be able to go on rides, that don’t always start from my house. I would like to take a leisurely ride along the canal without having to make the long steep climb back to my house at the end of the ride. It would also be usefull if we go camping, or if I want to go race in a duathlon. I drive a Honda Civic. And I only really need to carry a single bike, as I don’t think it will be likely I will get my wife on a bike anytime soon. If I ever do get my wife on a bike, she isn’t going to want to do the 400 foot climb up the hill to our house. I don’t have a hitch, so the hitch mounted racks are not in the picture for now. I guess I could always get a hitch mounted on my car. Not sure about roof mounted racks. It would probably be a pain to get the bike up and down, and I am not sure how they mount to the car. It seems like a trunk mounted bike rack would be the best choice. I stopped down at the sporting goods store, and they had a small selection. It seems the price makes large jumps as you go from racks for 2 bikes, to 3 bikes, and then again from 3 bikes to 4 bikes. That’s okay, cause I don’t need to haul three or four bikes. The had a couple trunk mounted racks for 2 bikes, both priced around $50. The one made by Allen looked like junk. The other made by Graber looked much better. They had a real fancy bike rack made by Saris, but it was much more expensive. I have seen another bike rack at Walmart for around $30 (at least on theri website it’s $30), made by Bell. Amazon also sells the Bell, and it for the most part has gotten pretty good reviews. I may head down to Walmart and see if they have the Bell in the store, and if the price is $30 in the store as it is on their website. I would also like to see it up close, and make sure it doesn’t look like junk.