As I have said previously, I don’t usually wear a bike helmet. But since I am signed up to race in a duathlon, I will probably need one. I stopped in at the local sporting goods store at lunch time to look at helmets. The first one I tried was a Bell Solar. It looked to be the cheapest at $29.99. After I adjusted the helmet, it was actually kind of comfortable. I am familiar with Bell from their motorcycle helmets. I know they make some good ones. An employee came over, and was showing me the Giro Gila. He said it had been their most expensive helmet, but had been marked down to $39.99. He said it was a very good helmet. It had a visor which might be nice. I like the idea of get a good price on a quality item. I tried on the large size Giro Gila helmet. It took me a little bit to figure out how to adjust the helmet. It felt very loose side-to-side. I tried on a medium size Giro Gila helmet, or at least attempted to. I couldn’t get it on at all. The Gila did come with sizing pads, though I am not sure how well they would have worked. I would have hated to buy the helmet, put in the pads, and find that it still didn’t fit well. I went back and tried the Bell Solar, and it was way more comfortable than the Giro Gila. While the Giro Gila may be a better helmet and have a visor, if it is completely uncomfortable to wear, it is not much of a bargain. I will take the less expensive Bell Solar. I did get a white helmet, so that if I decide to wear a helmet sometimes, such as at night, it will be more visible.