Since I bought my new triathlon bike (2006 Jamis Comet), I have been wanting to get a proper fitting. I went to one of the local bike shops, and had the owner guy fit me. I was told by a triathlete friend that he was good, and that he fitted her (she had been referred to him by someone else).
I am not sure what I think yet.
He mounted my bike on a Cycleops fluid trainer (same one I have at home), and had me spin. After watching me for a bit and have me both down on the aerobars, and on the uprights, he said I was too far forward with my weight over the front wheel. So he swapped out the stem for a shorter one. It also raised the bars a little. He angled the bars up, and moved my saddle all the way back. Then he had me spin again. Then he had me get off the bike again, and he lowered my saddle a little. Then he had me spin again. Then he seemed to be satisfied.
Then I took the bike out for a short ride around the block. It was a little different, but not some huge, sky opens, and light shines down, life altering experience.
I kind of expected him to measure things, take some angles, measure power output, or something. He just sort of eyeballed everything.
I guess I will see how the bike does on some longer rides. I am hoping to get out this weekend. Probably on Saturday if the weather permits.
I am not sure how my experience compares to what I would have gotten at another shop.