I had my bike fitting done a couple months ago. I was told to make a follow-up appointment in about 8 weeks. The fitting process was not what I had thought. The guy who was recommended basically had me spin on the bike, changed out the stem for a shorter one, moved the seat back, and lower it slightly. There were no protractors, plum bobs, power meters or anything like that. He didn’t even measure me or anything. Just him eyeballing me. And it seemed like he wanted to pawn me off on one of the other guys anyway. Maybe because I wasn’t on a $5000 carbon fiber bike?

So I made the follow-up appointment since I had already paid for it. I had done some riding, but the longest ride I had done was about 53 miles, and the rest much shorter. I told the guy that I have been trying to get used to being down on the aero bars, but just felt scrunched. More so than before. BTW, this was not the guy who was recommended and did my fitting before, but they guy he was trying to pawn me off on. I spun for him. He ended up swapping out the stem for one that was shorter and angled up more. He seemed to want to move my seat back farther, but it was as far back as it would go. I asked if the bike was the wrong size for me, and he said no. With the aero bars a little higher, I spun and felt slightly more comfortable in the aero position. I took the bike around the block, but have yet to go out for a decent ride. Maybe tonight.

Overall, I was not very impressed by the whole fitting thing. Maybe a different shop would have been better? If I ever get another fitting, I will ask them ahead of time what all they do. I think I saw a fitting being done at another shop, and I think they were taking power measurements, and stuff. Not just eyeballing the guy and saying he looks good. I doubt I will do much business in that shop. I just get kind of a boutique feel from it. I will stick with the shop closer to my house. The people there seem to be much friendlier. Not sure if they do fittings or how.