I have been planning to get it done since I bought my new Jamis tri-bike. So last night after my aikido class, I stopped at the bike shop which is just around the corner. A triathlete friend of mine recommended the guy that does the fittings there.
When I asked if he was the only one who did fittings, I was told another guy did fittings too. I said that I wanted the one guy since he was the one who was recommended. First they singed me up for this Thursday, but it turned out the guy couldn’t do it them. So we looked at Saturday, and again he couldn’t do it then. But he was available for next Monday night. I will have to miss my aikido class though. Oh well.
Due to the time of the appointment, I will have to head there immediately after work. So When I head to work in the morning, I will have to bring my tri-bike on the back of the car. But I don’t want to leave my bike sitting out in the parking lot on the back of my car. So I plan to bring it into the office. Then after work, I will re-mount it on the bike rack, and head downtown. I need to remember to take my bike shorts, shoes, etc.
I think the fitting is supposed to take a couple hours. Hopefully they don’t just say that the bike is pretty good as is, that’ll be $60, thanks. I rode my recent century ride on this bike and it did pretty well. So we’ll see.