I have been debating whether to buy a new bike computer, or use my old Cateye Micro CC-6000. The Cateye Micro CC-6000 is probably around 15 years old, maybe more. I was looking around and saw that new bike computers seem to be a lot cheaper than when I bought the Cateye Micro. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but I seem to remember that it wasn’t cheap. Many of the new bike computers also seem to be wireless. That would be cool. Of course, the wireless models are more expensive. A wireless model might be better for my mountain bike. But then I already own the Cateye Micro. I will probably just hookup the Cateye Micro for the time being. Since it has been sitting around in a box for at least 13 years, the battery is probably dead. Maybe at lunch, I will pick up a new battery for it just in case. Then tonight, I can work on getting the unit installed on my bike. If it doesn’t work, I can always buy a new wireless model.