The chain on my Trek 1000 was filthy greasy. Every time I rode it, I managed to get grease marks all over the inside of my right leg. I decided to clean it. A while back I bought a Park chain cleaner, but I hadn’t gotten around to use it. To be prepared to clean the chain, I stopped at the local bike shop and bought some chain tube.
When I got home, I got ready to clean my dirty bike chain. I got the chain cleaner out and read the directions. They were pretty straight forward.
My bike was mounted on the repair stand. I clamped the chain cleaner on to the bottom part of the chain. I poured some of the degreaser into the cleaner. Then while holding the cleaner steady, I turned the cranks backward 30 revolutions. After a bit, some greasy water dripped on the wood floor underneath. I quickly wiped it up, and no stains *thankfully*. I laid some rags down under the bike and continued turning. When I hit 30 revolutions, I removed the chain cleaner. I dumped the dirty degreaser stuff out. I rinsed the cleaner out, and flushed the little sponge out. I remounted the cleaner to chain, poured in some more degreaser, and gave it another 30 revolutions. Again I dumped the degreaser, and cleaned the cleaner out with water. I put it away. I dried the chain as best I could by running it through a rag.
I got out the chain lube. I wasn’t sure the best way to lub the chain. So I went to the company’s web site. They have a couple videos of how to lube the chain. I could spin the cranks while squirting the lub onto the chain. Or I could drip a drop on each link. I went with the latter. I dripped the lube on.
The chain is so much cleaner now!