I didn’t originally notice, but the forks on the Trek 700 were bent back. It looks the previous own had collided with something. My bike repair book says that I can take them to a bike shop to have them straightened. So I removed them, and took them to the local bike shop. The guy barely glanced at them, and said the forks are bent. I asked about getting them straightened, and he said that they don’t do that anymore due to liability. He looked up prices, and said that high tensile steel forks would cost $30, and chrome moly forks would cost $40. Ouch! This bike is costing more and more money to fix!
The fork is not a mountain bike fork, or a road bike fork which would be easier to find. I need a fork designed for a hybrid or a cyclocross bike. I thought maybe I could use the fork from the Specialized Crossroads bike that I bought for parts, but the steerer is too short. I found a fork on eBay, and bought it. It came from a Bianchi and cost $24 including shipping. I paid via paypal, and emailed that guy that I was trusting his description of being in good condition, and that it it was bent or cracked, then it was of no use to me. So hopefully the thing will work. If not, I will head back to the local bike shop and order one.