I have been looking at bike racks, and finally decided to try the Bell Doubleback 2 bike trunk bike rack. At $29.97 it is among the least expensive I have found, yet seems to be built as well or better than some higher cost models. The reviews at Amazon were mostly very good. The one complaint I saw was about the velcro straps failing after a while. But these can probably be fixed. I bought mine at Walmart, but Amazon sells it at the same price. With Amazon, I would have had to pay shipping charges, but at Walmart, I had to pay sales tax. The sales tax was less than the shipping would have been, and I got the bike rack now. Also, if the bike rack sucks, then I can easily return it. I will be sure to save the box, and reciept until I get a chance to use the bike rack for a little while. I think it will be fun to take my bike places, and be able to do some riding. When my bike computer comes, and I get it installed, I want to take my bike down to the canal path, and take a nice long leisurely ride. Also, I may want to try a duathlon. I can drive to the the race, instead of having to ride to the race. I suppose I can remove the bikes front wheel, put the back seat down, and shove the bike in through the trunk. But this is kind of a pain. Hopefully mounting the bike rack wont be too time consuming. It looks like it will be pretty easy.