I was coming home from my karate class night, and one of our neighbors had stuck a bike out on the curb. I stopped, backed up, and got out to look at it. It was a Raleigh with a girl’s style frame. It was either a small hybrid, or a mountain bike with relatively skinny tires. It was dark, so my view of the bikes components was limited by the tail lights of my car. It seemed to be a low end Raleigh. The seatpost looked like it was steel with a separate clamp for the seat. I checked out the chain rings, and they looked like the cheap stamped kind. The front tire was flat. I think the wheels were 26 inch. I thought about taking it home, and fixing it up, but then thought, geez, I got too many bikes now.
When my wife got home a little while later she told me about the bike. I considered walking down the street, and bringing home. But thought…nah.
Then this morning, I was thinking that if the bike was still there, I would stop and take another look at it. I figured I could throw it into the back of my car, fix it up, and sell it. But the bike was gone. Probably a good thing. I still need to overhaul my Trek 1000.
Maybe I will find a better bike next time.