I rode my mountain bike in a race yesterday. The race was mostly on dirt roads, with some sections of paved road. Some of the dirt roads were not so much roads as really nasty 4×4 trails, full of potholes. But there were some downhill or at least flat sections that were either paved, or reasonably smooth dirt where I could really fly. And I am glad I had mounted aerobars on my mountain bike. This was the reason I bought the aerobars in the first place. Not this particular race, but another one sort of like it. They are Century style aero bars made by Profile Design.
When I mounted them, I was a little concerned about how solid they would be. The handlebar is tapered where it comes out of the stem. I mounted them on, and really cranked them down. They seemed to be sturdy, but the clamp was as tight as it would go.
During the race, I love the aerobars. But over the 30 mile course, the handle bars loosened to where they would move up and down some. I need to go back and figure a better way to mount them. I might be able to use some shims. I was thinking maybe rubber, but not sure if that would be solid enough. Maybe a soft metal like copper? I could make some shims from a small piece of copper pipe. Or I think I can buy shims, but they are designed for flat bars, to go from one diameter to another. I might be able to shape them for the taper using a dremel tool?
I have a while before my next race, so I have some time to play with the design.