I have learned that I can’t just buy a pair of aero brake levers for my Trek 700 hybrid/cyclocross conversion. Apparently the v-brakes require levers that pull more cable. And that it I put regular road bike levers. Regular road bike levers will work for traditional cantilever brakes, but not for direct pull v-brakes.
So I have several options.
I could replace the v-brakes with traditional cantilever brakes. I already have a set of them on the Specialized Crossroads that I bought for parts. But the Trek 700 is lacking the little part holds the cable housing near the seatpost.
I could get a little device called a travel agent. The little piece fits onto the v-brake and amplifies the amount of cable pulled. But the drawbacks are more moving parts, and the chance of cable breakage is increased with a travel agent.
The thrid option is to buy a pair of aero brake levers especially designed for v-brakes. So far that only model of aero brake levers I have found that are designed for v-brake is the 287-v made by Dia Compe. These levers cost around $50-60 though.
The thrid option seems like the simplest solution. I will keep an eye out on ebay to see if I can find a deal on them.