I took my Trek 1000 out for a brief ride for the first time since I bought it on eBay. I would have taken it out sooner, but I needed to change the tires as the ones that were on there were too wide, and rubbed against the frame. Also the weather has been poor. But yesterday I decided to take it for a ride up the road and back. Just a short ride, less than a mile.
The first thing I dealt with was getting my feet into the straps on the pedals. It has been about 15 years or more since I have had my feet strapped to bike pedals. So it was pretty awkward. But I managed to get my feet on the pedals. I didn’t tighten the straps.
I pedalled the bike, accelerating quickly, I shifted to the big ring, and had the chain pop off. I stopped and got off the bike. I moved the shifter a little and got the chain back onto the big ring. I got back on the bike, and got it going again…slowly since now it was in high gear. I shifted through all gears on the back. All the shifting worked fine except for the shifting to the big gear.
When I got home, I put the bike up on my homemade bike repair stand. I ran the bike through the gears, and was able to repeat the chain being thrown off of the big ring. I got a screwdriver, and adjusted the limiting screw about a quarter turn. I turned the cranks by hand, and changed gears. It was a little better, but I still got the chain to go off of the big ring. I adjusted the limiting screw again, and repeated the process. I finally got the derailleur adjust so that the chain would not fall off of the big sprocket.
Now I am looking forward to another opportunity to take my bike out for a ride. Maybe this coming weekend, since it will be dark when I get home from work during the week days.