I got a call from the local bike shop that my sealed bottom bracket was in. So I stopped in on my way home from work. Sure enough they had it. I was surprised to see one side was plastic. The guy told me I might need a special Shimano tool, and grabbed one off the rack. I looked at, and said it looked like the one I already had.
When I got home, didn’t even bother changing, and was over trying to screw the bottom bracket into the frame by hand. It was tight. I didn’t use much pressure, and backed it back out. I was thinking I might have cross threaded it. But after screwing it in and out a bunch of times, and even mounting the other side (which went in much more smoothly) to make sure it was centered, I came to the conclusion that it was just tight. So I got it all installed.
I mounted the cranks, and was happy to find the small chain ring didn’t rub against the frame anymore! Way cool! So I got the bottom end of the bike all put back together with the new crank set.
Trek 700 Cyclocross bike